As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

July 1, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Ukraine Odesa Strike
After Ukraine recaptures an island in the Black Sea, Russian forces wage a deadly strike on a residential building in a resort town near Odesa. Our guest tells us how residents are coping with the aftermath.

Canada Jay Book
A little Bird told us that Canada still doesn't have a national bird to call its own. Well, maybe not a little Bird. More of a human-sized bird. OK, it's ornithologist David Bird — and he's here to make his case for the Canada Jay.

Australia Honeybee Lockdown
Honey trapped: Australia is once again mandating lockdowns — this time for honey bees. Our guest will tell us about the deadly parasite that's putting the country's farmers in a sticky situation. 

Part Two

US Vasectomy Rush
There's no need to be snippy — unless you're a doctor in America. Since the fall of Roe v. Wade, the country is seeing a major uptick in vasectomies. We'll talk to one physician who's been seeing a lot more interest in the procedure. 

Zero Star Hotel
Open-air bnb: A pair of Swiss artists have designed a hotel room that has no ceiling and no walls. And if that doesn't sound restful, well good! Our guest says the whole point of the zero-star hotel is to help guests stay woke. 

FOA Frank Gardner
Fifth time's the harm: Just over a month ago, BBC's security correspondent told us how frustrating it is to be left on planes long after other passengers disembark just because he uses a wheelchair. Now it's happened again — for the fifth time in four years.