As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Episode Transcript

Part One 

Winnipeg cyclist obit
A Winnipeg man was killed this week in the middle of a bike ride to raise funds for his sick granddaughter. His son tells us JP Petit's generosity continues to save lives, even in the wake of tragedy. 

Colorado River concerns
A prolonged drought in the western U. S. has left Colorado River reservoirs seriously depleted. And our guest says one thing is clear: the states that rely on that water are about to start paying the price. 

Korean War reunited
They planned to get married and were separated. But tonight, our guest tells us what it was like to be reunited with his first love, almost 70 years after they met during the Korean War. 

Part Two

India house bulldozed
Government officials in India demolish a Muslim family's home, blaming construction violations. But our guest says it's really her family's activism and faith that are under attack. 

Musician instrument damaged
A Canadian musician arrives in France for a summer tour -- only to find that his beloved 72-string santur had been damaged on the flight. 

Part Three

Dress code school
A U.S. federal court has struck down a North Carolina school's gender-based dress code as unconstitutional. And our guest says she's been fighting for the wardrobe change since before her graduation. 

World Cup host 
We'll hear from former Canadian World Cup soccer player Dale Mitchell, who says he couldn't be more thrilled to see Vancouver selected as a 2026 host city. 

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Leslie Amminson is our intern and today is her last day with us. Over her time here, Leslie tackled stories ranging from a Grade Eight class's efforts to clear the name of a woman convicted of being a witch in the 17th century, to a webcam monitoring two endangered curlews in Northern Ireland. And she did it all with wit and enthusiasm. Thanks for all your hard work, Leslie, and come back any time.

We'd also like to thank some other people who helped out this week:

Mary-Catherine MacIntosh in Halifax
Paul Macinnis and Julia Sisler in Ottawa
Susan McKenzie in Montreal
Raj Ahluwalia, Philip Drost, Frankie Fiorini, Josh Flear, Jonathan Ore, Luke Williams and Kate Zieman — all in Toronto
Suzanne Dufresne in Winnipeg
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and Anne Penman in Vancouver. 

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.