As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, January 14, 2022.

Episode Transcript

Part One

Mohammed el-Attar returns
Fifteen years after making what he says was a forced confession to spying, Mohammed el-Attar has returned to Canada from Egypt — thanks in part to our guest, who never stopped following his story. 

Toronto doctor delivers baby on flight
A Toronto doctor describes the moment she helped a fellow airplane passenger give birth in mid-air — and says it was a bumpy ride in more ways than one. 

Martial arts kicks record
An Ontario martial arts instructor and her student smash the Guinness World Record for most kicks by a pair of women in a minute. 

Part Two 

L.A. train robberies
When an L.A. photojournalist heard robbers were targeting rail lines, he found it hard to believe — but what he saw stopped him near the tracks. 

Asian unicorn search 
The creature nicknamed the "Asian unicorn" is so rare that our guest has only ever seen one, and he studies them for a living. But he tells us that single sighting was more than enough to spur him to action. 

Part Three

Encore: Hassan Al Kontar
We revisit Carol's conversation with Hassan Al Kontar, a Syrian man who spent 7 months living in a Malaysian airport before being granted asylum in Canada. 

As It Happens was produced this week by:

Kate Cornick
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Kate McGillivray
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and Chris Trowbridge

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The writers this week are Chloe Shantz-Hilkes and Chris Howden. Austin Webb is our senior producer. And the Executive Producer of As It Happens is Robin Smythe.

We'd also like to thank some other people: 

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and Luke Carroll in Yellowknife.

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.