As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

July 9, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Roseanne Archibald
RoseAnne Archibald is the first woman elected National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations; she'll tell us what she means when she talks about a "heart-centred" approach to power. 

Lawyer Philippe Sands explains the crime of "ecocide" -- which would put destruction of the planet on par with crimes against humanity. 

Calgary Stampede
Back in the saddle. The Calgary Stampede returns, and so does its big concert venue -- and while that's music to some party-goers' ears, critics say it's putting the cart before the horse. 

Part Two

South Africa Covid Surge
In South Africa, the Delta variant has caused a dramatic upsurge in cases. Healthcare workers describe the heartbreak of facing an unmanageable influx of new patients -- including our guest, who runs a private dialysis clinic. 

Fireflies Blinking Study 
If you've seen a swarm of fireflies blinking in unison, you weren't hallucinating. With a lot of patience, and some fancy cameras, scientists have confirmed they do synchronizes their flashes. And they think they know why, too.