As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

May 28, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Japan Olympics
With COVID infections high and vaccination rates low, a Japanese academic says it's time to stop dithering and cancel the Tokyo Olympics. 

Squamish BC Van Camping
A Canadian rock-climbing legend lives in a van with her daughter in Squamish,  BC -- but a new local camping bylaw will leave her, and dozens of others like her, with nowhere to go. 

Kay Lahusen Obit
Depth of focus. The late photojournalist Kay Lahusen documented the LGBTQ community when no one else did -- and our guest says her pictures, and her dedication, helped bring about real change. 

Part Two

Germany Pays Namibia 
Germany pledges over a billion dollars to Namibia, in an acknowledgment of the genocide it committed there in the early 20th century -- but a Namibian activist tells us it's not nearly enough. 

Empress of Ireland Footage 
Quebec film historians uncover rare footage from the aftermath Canada's worst peacetime marine disaster -- which features the man who became the hero of the wreck of the Empress of Ireland, and the young girl he saved.

Part Three

Post Pandemic Accessibility
A wheelchair user tells us she's all for post-pandemic life, but a return to so-called normality is a scary thing for people who are normally excluded. 

Smoking Study 
A major drag. A new study finds the number of smokers worldwide has reached an all-time high of 1-point-1 billion. The lead researcher tells us that to make it stop, governments have to focus on preventing young people from starting.