As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

March 7, 2021

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Part One

Line 5: Sarnia Mayor 
Michigan's governor says it's an environmental time bomb that should be shut down next week -- but an Ontario mayor says the Line 5 pipeline is a crucial conduit that puts people to work, and planes in the air. 

Broadway Return 
Curtain re-raiser. The governor of New York announces Broadway will be back by September -- but our guest says safe, post-pandemic theatre will take some serious dress rehearsal. 

NZ Penis Artist
To draw attention to potholes, a New Zealand man has been drawing male genitals around them -- but his penile art may have violated the penal code. 

Part Two

Afghan TV Host Killed
Bad news travels fast. Nimat Rawan was a household name across Afghanistan -- and our guest says the murder of the former TV host this week sends a chilling message to the next generation of Afghan journalists.

Jersey France Dispute
A fisherman on the small island of Jersey says he feels caught in the middle after the UK sends in navy ships in a spat over fishing rights with France. 

Part Three

SF Same Sex House 
In San Francisco, the hillside home of two lesbian activists who were the first same-sex couple to legally marry in the city has been granted landmark status. We'll hear from one of the people who pushed for that recognition. 

Encore NB Syrian Refugee
Reham Abazid is a community leader and aspiring business owner in Saint John, New Brunswick. Nearly ten years ago, she made a daring escape from Syria. Tonight, we'll have an encore presentation of her conversation with Carol.