As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

March 5, 2021

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Part One

Police Reform Bill
After Congress passes a police-reform bill championed by George Floyd's family, one of his uncles tells us it means his nephew didn't die in vain.

Tejal Rao Loss of Smell 
Award-winning restaurant critic Tejal Rao lost her sense of smell when she got COVID -- but now, she's using everything from fish sauce to dog breath in an effort to get it back.

Duckling Taxidermy
A Halifax man cries fowl after he opens a mysterious delivery to find a fluffy stuffed duckling...with three heads

Part Two

Migrant Rescuers Charged
The captain of a seized migrant rescue vessel says criminal charges against him and 20 others mustn't stop NGOs from patrolling the Mediterranean -- because too many lives are at stake. 

Wisconsin Gray Wolves Cull
Wisconsin abruptly cuts short a week-long hunt for gray wolves, after more than 200 animals are killed in just 3 days -- far more than the quota for the season. 

Part Three

Primate Vaccines 
Orangutans and bonobos at the San Diego zoo get a shot of a made-for-animals Covid vaccine, because humans aren't the only apes at risk from the virus.

8 Year old Fortnite Pro
It's not all fun and gaming. An 8-year-old Fortnite enthusiast goes pro, despite the cons.