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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Feb. 26, 2021

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Part One

Vaccine: Ottawa
An Ottawa doctor gets the green light to start vaccinating people over 80 a little ahead of schedule -- but she warns that's not a sign Ontario's vaccine rollout is going smoothly. 

Irish Ice Mile Swimmer
Most of us jump out of the shower when the temperature drops but a 66-year-old Irish amateur swimmer jumped into a frigid river, and broke a Guinness World Record by swimming a mile.

New Jersey-Texas Plumber
After the winter storm left millions of Texans struggling with water disruptions and flooding, a plumber from New Jersey drives 22 hours to lend a wrench.

Part Two

Equality Act
The first gay person of colour elected to U.S. Congress stands up for legislation that would ban discrimination against LGBTQ people -- and responds to critics who claim an expansion of his rights means an infringement on theirs. 

Nigeria Schoolgirls Kidnapping
This morning, hundreds more schoolgirls were kidnapped in Nigeria and a human-rights lawyer there tells us the kind of incidents that once became viral hashtags are now all too common in her country. 

Part Three

Virginia Death Penalty
We'll hear from one of the Virginia lawmakers behind a successful push to make his state the first in the south to abolish capital punishment.

Exoplanet Student Discovery
While we struggle to remember if Krypton is real or just from "Superman" comics, two Massachusetts high school students just discovered four new exoplanets.

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