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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, November 20, 2020

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Part One

Quebec sword attack survivor
One victim of the sword attack in Quebec City on Halloween night was a cellist, whose bow hand was badly injured — and tonight, he explains how he was able to forgive his attacker. 

Manitoba COVID-19: Steinbach
As COVID-19 numbers rise in Steinbach, Manitoba, the city's Hutterite and Mennonite communities face an unjustified backlash — because of false rumours they held an anti-mask rally. 

The Crown fly fishing
The new season of The Crown left our guest reeling: he's stunned that the actor who plays Prince Charles is so bad at fly-fishing — and he won't let him off the hook. 

Part Two

Matthew Raymond verdict
A Fredericton, New Brunswick man is found not criminally responsible for killing four people — a verdict the widow of one of the victims says provides no real sense of resolution. 

Uganda protests
After Ugandan singer and presidential candidate Bobi Wine was arrested again this week, Kampala erupted in protests — and his lawyer tells us the powers-that-be are cracking down because they know he can win. 

Part Three

Georgia senate race
For voters in Georgia, the political tension is still unbearably high, and it will be until January — when two runoff votes will determine which party controls the Senate. An Atlanta Democrat tells us why he's not betting on his party coming out on top.

Jill Barber 
Tonight, singer-songwriter Jill Barber will take her audience back in time to a long-gone, real gone Vancouver supper club of the nineteen-thirties and -forties — using the futuristic powers of virtual reality.

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