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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, October 23, 2020

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Part One

Human Rights Watch climate report
A changing environment doesn't just make it harder for Indigenous people to live off the land — Human Rights Watch says Canada's failure to address climate change violates Indigenous rights.

Lebanon PM again
A year after mass popular protests forced Saad Hariri to resign, the ex-PM is back in his old job — and this time, our guest says people are too tired to fight back. 

Gerald the Turkey
No one liked the cut of his giblets. But rather than turn an aggressive turkey named Gerald into Thanksgiving dinner, a wildlife expert helped officials capture him, by disguising herself as his favourite victim: an elderly woman. 

Part Two

Feature: The Lost Spells
His book The Lost Words was the definition of an international success — and tonight, Robert Macfarlane joins Carol to discuss the new companion piece, The Lost Spells

Part Three

Tulsa massacre excavations
Officials in Tulsa, Oklahoma are still searching for the unmarked graves of victims of the 1921 race massacre — and this week, archaeologists say they found one in a local cemetery.

Jacob Lawrence painting 
A museum visitor sees a series of paintings by Jacob Lawrence with several panels missing. And realizes that one of those missing pieces is hanging in her friend's apartment.

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