As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Sept. 11, 2020

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Part One

Climate change fires
A California climate scientist says the fires burning across the American west make it blazingly obvious: action is needed on climate change, now.  

Moria protests
A fire in the Moria refugee camp leaves thousands with nowhere to turn. And a member of European Parliament says that leaves Europe with nowhere to hide from questions it's been avoiding for years. 

Swuggling record
We hear from a gym teacher who's pushing the limits of human ability — and plausibility — by taking a stab at the world record for swuggling. That is: swimming while juggling. 

Part Two

Divorced parents school tensions
As a new school year begins across the country, some parents are battling each other in court over how and where their children will learn. 

TikTok math explaining
When the internet began to do a number on a teenager for her questions about math, a mathematician jumped in and crunched a few numbers. 

Part Three

Wind-powered cargo ship
A Swedish team is building the world's largest wind-powered cargo ship. Our guest says it could reduce ocean-freighter emissions by ninety per cent.

Vancouver Island caves 
Conservationists in B.C. have been trying to protect a swathe of old growth forest and caves for years — and they were surprised when an unassuming crustacean got the job done. 

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