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German nudist goes on birthday suit pursuit of wild boar who stole his laptop

A German man who was simply trying to enjoy a swim on a hot afternoon at a beach in Berlin frequented by nude bathers, ended up in hot pursuit of an unusual thief — a wild boar.

At a lake in Berlin frequented by nude bathers, a mother boar took off with a bag containing man's computer

A naked German man who had been enjoying a swim at a lake in Berlin is seen chasing a wild boar who had taken off with a bag containing his laptop. The picture, captured by Adele Landauer, has gone viral. (Adele Landauer/Facebook)

A German man, who was trying to enjoy a swim on a scorching afternoon at a lake in Berlin frequented by nude bathers, ended up in hot pursuit of an unusual thief — a wild boar.

Adele Landauer was also relaxing nearby after a refreshing skinny dip. She noticed a wild boar and her two babies had ventured out of the nearby woods and helped themselves to a pizza brought there by unwitting swimmers who were in the lake at the time.

She got out her phone to capture some pictures of the boars for her granddaughter when an even more cheeky scene began to unfold.

After finishing the pizza, the mother boar ventured over to a bright yellow shopping bag.

"They were probably looking for some dessert," Landauer, told As It Happens guest host Susan Bonner. "So they took this bag and ran away."

The naked caper that followed was particularly vital given the bag contained the man's laptop.

The man "was really shocked and ran after them," said Landauer, who works as a life coach.

"He had just one goal: he wanted his laptop back. He just ran and he clapped with his hands and then he found a stick, and made some noise." 

His fellow bathers watched and cheered him on.  

"It was a very, very funny and light scene, so everyone was laughing and supporting him. 'Go for it,' people said, 'go for it! Yes, do it!'"

At one point the chase took him into the nearby forest.

"And all the other people were standing there and waiting. 'Does he comes back?' And 'will he make it or not?' Does he comes back with his bag or not?' So we were really talking."

"And then the man came back from the forest with this yellow bag in the hand and everyone was clapping their hands and congratulating him and said, 'You are our hero.' It was a great scene."

Soon several other witnesses were begging her to share the photos.

"He was laughing and he said, I don't care. Do with the pictures whatever you want to. I'm just happy I have my laptop back."

He gave her permission to post to Facebook, which she did in front of him.

Landauer said the amusing escapade has special meaning to her as a life coach.

"For me, it is really a success story. So this man just ran. He wasn't distracted. He just wanted to achieve his goal. He wanted to have his computer back ... I really loved it."  

Written by Brandie Weikle. Interview produced by Morgan Passi. Edited for length and clarity. 


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