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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, August 7, 2020
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Part One

Beirut bride
We talk to a Beirut doctor who was posing for wedding photos when Tuesday's blast struck. She tells us how her dream day turned into a nightmare — and what it was like to tend to the wounded in a wedding dress. 

Canadian ICE death
He was a Canadian doctor who'd served a drug and medical fraud sentence in the United States. But he died while awaiting deportation to Canada. His nephew tell us the detention centre where he was held is facing a devastating outbreak of COVID-19. 

German nudist boar
A German nudist comes out on top after chasing down the wild boar that stole his bag. We speak with the photographer who captured the successful takedown. 

Part Two

Polish LGBTQ couple
A gay blogger in Poland tells us he's left his homeland for Spain — after his country re-elects a president who's promised to fight campaigns for LGBTQ rights.  

Brazil troll attacks 
A journalist in Brazil tells us rhetoric from President Jair Bolsonaro's supporters has become increasingly threatening during the pandemic — and is moving from online to the streets. 

As It Happens was produced this week by:

Jeanne Armstrong
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Susan McReynolds
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and Kate Swoger

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and Peter Sheldon in Yellowknife. 

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.