As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

July 31, 2020

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Part One

Hong Kong election delayed
Hong Kong's chief executive delays elections in the city, citing safety concerns around the pandemic… But our guest, recently banned from running in those elections, isn't buying that.

Stage 3 restaurants
Indoor dining is a go in Canada's biggest city -- but some restaurants respond with a hard no. One restaurateur tells us she isn't going to do it because the extra money isn't worth risking lives.

Pub emus
Two prehistorically terrifying-looking emus made themselves at home in our guest's pub. He says it was their fetid feces that finally led him to ban them.

Part Two

Maryland hajj
After pandemic travel restrictions prevented her from making it to Mecca, a Maryland woman brought the spirit of the pilgrimage to her community … by making it a drive-though.

Cree Oilers jersey 
Ethan Bear of the Edmonton Oilers took to the ice this week wearing a special jersey stitched with his name in Cree syllabics. And now it's flying off the shelves. 

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and Peter Sheldon in Yellowknife. 

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.