As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

July 24, 2020

Part One

Alberta Covid
Amid a spike in COVID cases, Canada's chief public health officer has some words for young people, but an Alberta infectious disease specialist tells us the real enemy might be coronavirus fatigue

Hamilton Movie Theatre
The owner of a Hamilton, Ontario movie house tells us the theatre may look a bit different when it reopens today, but nothing can touch the unique pleasure of sitting in the dark watching a big screen, together.

Best Museum Butts
A cheeky project has museum curators all over competing over a very specific part of their collections. …. The bums

Part Two

Nazi Guard Trial 
A 93-year-old concentration camp guard is convicted on five thousand, two hundred and thirty-two counts of accessory to murder. The case may possibly be Germany's last Holocaust trial.

Polar Bear Study
A new study published in Nature Climate Change says exactly when, where and how polar bears will become extinct. From reproductive failure to local extinction, climate change could cause them to disappear as early as the year 2040.

New Condo Toilets
The new toilets in a Toronto condo complex are getting blocked like clogwork -- but management insists that dozens of residents must use a single, shared plunger.