As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

June 12, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

BC Overdoses
After the BC Coroners Service reveals that May had the highest ever monthly total of illicit drug deaths, the chief coroner says she wants to see more action from leaders -- including "decriminalizing these substances, removing the stigma [and] treating this as a medical issue."

Protestors in Seattle have staked out an 'autonomous zone' that's operating largely without police. And if you believe protestorS, outside any top-down civic structure too. A city councilor explains why they've got her support.

Scottish Statues
As the pressure mounts to knock troubling statues off their pedestals, Scotland's first Black professor tells us why he's not in favour of the trend. 

Part Two

Quadriga Report
Ontario's Securities Commission says a BitCoin trading house that once seemed like the future of finance was little more than a plain old fraud. That leaves our guest with little hope of recovering his life savings.

Watermelon and Cricket Spitting
From our As It Happens archives, interviews with people who fired things out of their mouths farther than you might think possible, if you thought about it at all -- and given their success, you have been smart to put your money where their mouths were. 

Part Three

Hot Docs: Eddy's Kingdom
A Canadian-Lebanese businessman is obsessed with owning a small island in the Okanagan. He would go on to make bomb threats, take hostages and go to court for his island. Did Eddy Haymour win? The director of a new Hot Docs film tells us it depends on how you define success.