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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, February 14, 2020
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Part One

Wet'su'weten blockade: C.E.O.
The people blocking trains to protest a pipeline on Wet'su'weten territory call themselves land defenders. But Murray Mullen — a C.E.O. whose company depends on a healthy oil industry — calls them eco-terrorists.

Weinstein trial update
As the jury prepares to deliberate in the Harvey Weinstein case, we hear from a reporter who's been in the courtroom every step of the way.

Juul lawsuit
The vaping company Juul has always insisted it doesn't market its e-cigarettes to kids. But the attorney general of Massachusetts disagrees. And she says she's got the proof to back it up. 

Part Two

CRA scam arrests
A married couple in Ontario was arrested this week, in connection with an elaborate phone scam . They charges face related to fraud and money laundering.

Spain bombs class action
After an American B-52 bomber exploded over Spain in 1966, hundreds of soldiers were deployed to help clean up. Now, one of those veterans tells us how it feels to join a class action lawsuit against the government — one of the first of its kind.

Part Three

Presumed consent advocate
At the age of twenty-two, this Ontario man has already had three double-lung transplants. Now he's trying to change Canada's organ donation laws.

Rotary smart phone
Justine Haupt is an engineer and the creator of a rotary dial mobile phone that's a smartphone. She explains why she believes touch screens should be a thing of the past and why she's switching to a rotary dial.

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