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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Nov. 8, 2019
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Part One 

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister
After a visit with the Prime Minister in Ottawa, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister tells us what it'll take for Justin Trudeau to quit feuding with the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Italian senator threats
Decades after surviving the Holocaust, 89-year-old Italian senator Liliana Segre is assigned police protection — after she received anti-Semitic messages and threats.

Flying Canoe Festival
Alberta's annual Flying Canoe Festival needs a real J-stroke of luck — after thieves take off with a bunch of the canoes that were meant to take off. 

Part Two

30th anniversary: Berlin Wall
Thirty years after the Berlin Wall came down, we'll speak with a guest who was our man on the scene all those years ago: physician and former pro-democracy activist Jens Reich.

Part Three

Truck deaths follow-up
New information brings a new dimension of horror and grief to the deaths of 39 Vietnamese nationals in a truck in the UK: 10 of the victims were still teenagers. 

Burkina Faso deaths
Burkina Faso is in national mourning after a terrorist attack on a bus convoy left at least 38 dead — and dozens more injured and missing. And according to Human Rights Watch's Corrine Dufka, it's part of an alarming trend.

Manus Island detainee
Amir Sahragard wanted to settle in Australia. Instead, he was sent to the detention centre on Manus Island — renowned for its horrible conditions. Now, after six years, thanks to private sponsorship, he's living in Canada.

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