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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Oct. 25, 2019

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Part One 

Uighur award
When the European Parliament gave a Uighur scholar its top prize for human rights, it alerted the world to his situation: China sentenced him to life in prison 5 years ago.

Disability consent
People with disabilities are hoping the slogan "Just ask, don't grab" will take hold — so strangers will stop taking hold of them, or their wheelchairs, without checking first. 

'Can opener' overpass
Jurgen Henn based a website on videos of trucks being damaged by a low bridge in North Carolina — but now that it's being raised, he'll have to get over the fact that they'll be able to get under. 

Part Two

Turkey government
President Donald Trump says the ceasefire is permanent. But in northern Syria, Kurdish-led forces and Turkish forces haven't ceased firing. Which raises questions about the safety of civilians, and Turkey's actual objective. Rumeysa Kadak is a Turkish MP for the ruling AK Party.

Turkey critic
Khabat Abbas is in the very part of northeastern Syria we've been talking about. She's a Syrian Kurdish journalist who lives in the border city of Qamishli

Part Three

Feature: Scotty Bowman & Ken Dryden
A feature interview with the man who wrote the book on hockey — legendary coach Scotty Bowman — and the man who wrote the book on Scotty Bowman — Ken Dryden. 

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