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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Sept. 20, 2019
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Episode Transcript

Part One

Liberals' gun announcement
The Liberals and the Conservatives have both revealed their plans for reducing gun violence -- but for one father whose daughter survived a mass shooting, their political stances don't address his personal beliefs. 

Climate essay
McGill law student Larissa Parker argues that, because future generations will bear the brunt of climate change, they should have the right to sue governments for their inaction. 

Vagina Museum
There are a lot of strange myths and misconceptions about it -- but all will be explained when you pay a visit to our guest's brand-new, first-in-the-world Vagina Museum. 

Part Two

Trudeau picture
A Sikh man who appears in a photo of Justin Trudeau in brownface in 2001 says he's not sure what all the fuss is about -- Mr. Trudeau was just showing his costume-party spirit. 

Captain Cook ship
On the anniversary of Captain Cook landing on New Zealand, there's a plan to send a replica ship around the country -- but a group of Maori leaders is not on board. 

Part Three

Ed Buck arrest
This week, Democratic donor Ed Buck was arrested and charged by U.S. federal prosecutors for distribution of a methamphetamine resulting in death. Nana Gyamfi is a lawyer who has been calling on officials to hold Mr. Buck accountable -- for years. 

First Nations library
For months, the people of Maskwacis, Alberta had to rely on a mobile library if they wanted to borrow a book. Now, the woman who ran that project has made her dream a reality: the community's first non--mobile library has its grand opening today.