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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Sept. 6, 2019
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Episode Transcript

Part One

First Nation compensation
A human-rights tribunal says Ottawa underfunded a system that was supposed to protect Indigenous kids at risk, and must pay nearly 2 billion dollars — but Cindy Blackstock isn't celebrating yet. 

Robert Mugabe obit
The late Robert Mugabe began his political career as a hero who liberated Zimbabwe from white-minority rule — before his reign turned ruthless and tyrannical. 

Bianca Andreescu wins
This weekend, Bianca Andreescu will become the first Canadian to play in the final at Flushing Meadows — and her former coach tells us he knew from the start she'd be a smashing success. 

Part Two

Diet Eman obit
During the Second World War, the late Diet Eman joined the Dutch resistance — and found shelter for hundreds of Jews, to keep them from being found by the Nazis. 

Squirrels research
Squirrels may appear to be just cute dorks who have no clue what's going on — but in fact they're listening closely to the birds over their small, empty heads. 

Part Three

Dalhousie report
Dalhousie University is a respected institution. But it turns out the founder of that school may not deserve respect. A new report details George Ramsay's ties to the slave trade, and his racist views. And prompts the school itself to issue an apology.

Sunken car found
More than two decades ago, George Farris's mother went missing while driving to a wedding — but now the B.C. man has some answers after a 13-year-old boy helped make a discovery, with his GoPro. 

Cinema heart attack rescue
While he was watching the latest Gerard Butler action flick, a B.C. man did suffer a heart attack — and while he's not a fan of the movie, he gives the audience members who helped two thumbs up. 

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