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As It Happens: Friday Edition

July 26, 2019

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Part One

Fake Divorce Lawyer
Last year, our guest believed she'd married a Toronto lawyer — before discovering he faked the divorce documents without telling her, or the woman who's still his wife.

Tour de France Cyclist
Canadian cyclist Michael Woods tells us about a chaotic day in the Tour de France — when a mudslide and hailstorm turned the planned route into the route of all evil. 

Oregon Rescue
At first, an Oregon mountain biker riding in a desolate area thought he was looking at a dead cow — but it was a man in distress, who's not dead today because of that very cyclist. 

Part Two

Death Penalty
The U.S. Attorney-General announces a return to the death penalty for federal inmates after 16 years — and an exonerated Death Row inmate says that's a heartbreaking step backwards. 

Delhi Women Public Transit
Thanks to a new government initiative, women in New Delhi will soon be able to ride public transit for free — and our guest believes that could help women play a more prominent role in public spaces.

Johnny Clegg Obit 
The late musician Johnny Clegg refused to play by the rules of apartheid — and his powerful songs were aimed more at South African hearts than the international charts.

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