As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

June 14, 2019
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Episode transcript

Part One

Oracle Raptors fan
Far from home the Toronto Raptors claw their way to victory over the Golden State Warriors — and become NBA champions for the first time. 

Harassment of mayor
Montreal borough mayor Sue Montgomery responds after a court finds that a Montreal man has been harassing her for decades — but it's not a crime, because she can't prove she was scared enough. 

Part Two

Oracle move
As the Golden State Warriors prepare to move across the Bay to San Francisco, one Oakland woman says it's a bigger loss to her city than last night's loss to the Raptors. 

Prosecutorial bias
In an effort to reduce bias, San Francisco's District Attorney's office stops revealing race, names, and locations to prosecutors before they lay charges. 

Part Three

Encore: author Ben Lerner on his novel
An encore presentation of Carol's conversation with author Ben Lerner — who explains why his novel "10:04" features a fictional protagonist named Ben Lerner. 

As It Happens was produced this week by:

Jeanne Armstrong
Kevin Ball
Sarah-Joyce Battersby
Alison Broverman
Chris Harbord
Sheena Goodyear
Sarah Jackson
Allie Jaynes
Ashley Mak
Morgan Passi
Kevin Robertson

Kate Swoger and 
Donya Ziaee.

Our technician this week was Oronde Williams. The show director this week is Reynold Gonsalves. The writer is Chris Howden

John Perry is our senior producer. And the Executive Producer of As It Happens is Robin Smythe

We'd also like to thank some other people who helped us out this week: 

Caroline Hillier in St. John's
Susan McKenzie in Montreal
Max Paris in Ottawa, Keith Hart, Sam Lui, Mandy Luk, Varad Mehta, Jonathan Ore, and Luke Williams — all in Toronto
Robin Brown in Windsor, Ontario
Suzanne Dufresne in Winnipeg
Anne Penman in Vancouver
Imogen Birchard in Victoria
Andrew Kurjata in Prince George, B.C. and 
Elyn Jones and Leonard Linklater in Whitehorse. 

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.


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