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As It Happens: Friday Edition

June 7, 2019

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Part One

Prison Guard
To help addicts in prison, the Trudeau government is supplying them with clean syringes — but the federal prison guards' union says that's a serious risk to its members. 

Swine Fever
Farmers across Asia are losing hundreds of thousands of pigs to African swine fever — and our guest says it's the worst outbreak of animal disease the world has ever seen. 

Seasteading Couple
A couple's plans for living in a floating cabin off the coast of Thailand run aground when the Thai Navy drags their home ashore — and now, they're in extremely serious legal trouble. 

Part Two

Famine Ship
Parks Canada confirmed today that bones and skeletons recently found in Gaspé, eastern Quebec, belong to Irish immigrants who died when their ship went down. 

Tapeworm Patient
Doctors believed a woman had a malignant brain tumour — until they operated, and discovered to her relief and not-relief that it was actually a baby tapeworm. 

Part Three

ABC Raid
This week, federal police showed up at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation — and by the end of their raid, they'd downloaded more than 9 thousand items. It was a response to allegations that ABC had published classified information. And the response to that response is serious concern about press freedom in Australia. 

Break-In Conviction
A Manitoba man is sentenced to 5 years in prison, after killing the man who broke into his house — because a judge says his "justified" self-defense went too far. 

Notre Dame Lead 
When Notre-Dame Cathedral caught fire in April, French authorities said the threat of lead exposure was "very localized". Now they're urging all children and pregnant women in the area to get tested for lead pollution. Which is what one environmental NGO has been strongly suggesting since the beginning.

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