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As It Happens: Friday Edition

May 24, 2019
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Part One

Old Crow Climate Emergency
Rising temperatures are disproportionately affecting Canada's north — and now, one First Nation in Yukon has declared a "climate change state of emergency". 

Theresa May Resignation
Unable to deliver a Brexit deal that would please either the EU, the opposition, or her own party, British Prime Minister Theresa May announces her resignation. 

Retiring Mailman
When a much-loved postal worker retires after thirty years, the people in his neighbourhood decide to treat him like an overdue birthday card — and send him somewhere, first-class.

Part Two

Cindy Gladue Decision
The Supreme Court of Canada orders a new manslaughter trial for the man accused in the 2011 killing of Cindy Gladue — saying the criminal justice system let her down. 
Slave Ship Found
The wreck of the last slave ship that brought men, women and children from Africa to the U.S. is found in an Alabama river. 

Part Three

Al Qaeda Fighter
John Walker Lindh was in prison for 17 years for leaving the U.S. to fight for al Qaeda. Now, he's out, having secured an early release. But our guest doesn't believe Mr. Lindh has changed his extremist views — and he has the correspondence to prove it. 

Blind Hockey 
A bigger bang for their puck. Well, "bang" is an exaggeration — it actually beeps. But that audible hockey puck could revolutionize hockey for blind and visually impaired players. We'll speak with the man who helped develop the idea.

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