As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

As It Happens: Friday Edition

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Part One

China U.S. trade | Donald Trump's new tariffs on billions in Chinese goods didn't help talks with the Chinese delegation — but our guest says the President has a master plan. 

Supreme Court of Canada detainee decision | The Supreme Court of Canada rules that detained migrants should have the same opportunities as Canadian citizens to challenge their detention in front of a judge.

'Wow' orchestra follow-up | A young boy's single "wow" in a Boston concert hall has become a global phenomenon — and his grandmother says she's overwhelmed by the response to his response. 

Part Two 

Magic mushrooms | After Denver votes to decriminalize magic mushrooms, a lawyer who helped with the campaign says the chances the same thing will happen elsewhere are extremely high. 

Scottish Isle repopulation | The Hebridean island of Ulva is under major renovations in a bid to increase its population exponentially — to the excitement of the 5 people who currently live there. 

Part Three

Iran sanctions: E.U. | The relationship between the United States and Iran is increasingly fraught, and disturbingly tense. I'll ask a top EU advisor whether there's room for the Europeans to save the nuclear deal and avoid a possible conflict.  

Trappist beer battle | Monks in a Belgian town are fighting to protect the spring water they use to make their beer. Because they're worried that, if a company is allowed to drill there, it could destroy the local water table — and their time-honoured product. 

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As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.