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As It Happens: Friday Edition

April 26, 2019

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Part One

New Brunswick floods
A New Brunswick family who lost their house in last year's floods has been working to start over — but this week's flooding puts them back at square one.

'She' ships
A British maritime museum will no longer use the word "she" to refer to ocean vessels — and our guest is not pro dropping that pronoun. 

Skydiver prosthetic
California skydiver Dion Callaway loses his prosthesis mid free-fall — but it's back, after a period of emotional detachment. 

Part Two

Mark Medoff obit
His vision never was. When Hollywood made a movie of "Children of a Lesser God", the late writer Mark Medoff (MED-off) insisted a deaf actress play the lead — and tonight, Marlee Matlin shares her gratitude.  

Old poo
In a piece of fossilized poop from an ancient hunter-gatherer, scientists discover the remains of a rattlesnake, including a fang. 

Part Three

Dean Beeby retires
CBC reporter Dean Beeby is retiring. And tonight, he'll tell us how he became a master of the access-to-information request — which enabled him to get some major stories out of reluctant governments.  

Hot Docs: Shella Record
A 10-cent record changed Chris Flanagan's life. In a feature interview, he'll tell us about his new documentary — which follows his ten year journey to find a reggae singer, just because of that single piece of vinyl. 

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