As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

April 19, 2019


Part One

Lyra McKee Murder
Twenty-nine-year-old journalist Lyra McKee devoted her career to writing about the tensions and The Troubles in Northern Ireland — and last night, she was killed during a riot. 

Alberta Election: B.C.
Jason Kenney says he'll "turn off the taps" if he doesn't get pipelines through BC — but the leader of BC's Green Party says Alberta's incoming premier should knock off the empty threats. 

Bald Eagle Parents
Around the world, people are glued to streaming video of an unusual, vaguely soap-opera-ish romance between three eagles — who've come together to raise three eaglets. 

Part Two

Gun Law Sheriff
A Colorado sheriff is so opposed to a new law allowing authorities to seize people's guns that he says he's willing to go to jail, rather than enforce it. 

Detroit Muskrat
Guess who's swimming to dinner? Around the world, Catholics take things off the menu during Lent — but in Detroit, an old rule adds something one local priest really looks forward to: muskrat. 

Part Three

Mother's Grave Found
She left for the south to get healthcare, but never came home. After decades of searching for his mother's gravesite, Nunavut politician Jack Anawak has finally learned where she's buried. 

Reading: The Selfish Giant 
Our annual Easter broadcast of Oscar Wilde's classic tale of a big man who learns to be the bigger man: The Selfish Giant, read by Fireside Al. 

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