As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Feb. 8, 2019


Part One

SNC Lavalin: Andrew Scheer
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer accuses the Trudeau government of a cover-up, over allegations that the PMO pressured the former Attorney General to let SNC Lavalin avoid prosecution for serious crimes. 

SNC Lavalin: Prosecutor
Former federal prosecutor Emilie Taman says that, if those claims are true, they contradict the Prime Minister's insistence that Canada is "a country of the rule of law".

Bezos 'extortion'
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the National Enquirer tried to extort him over revealing personal photos — and our guest says the tabloid has just revealed its political motives.

New York Times 'Overlooked' obits
Their deaths went unmarked at the time — but now, to celebrate "Black History Month", the New York Times is publishing belated obituaries for Black men and women who made history. 

Part Two

Thai election
Thailand's Princess Ubolratana has decided to run for prime minister. And the displeasure of her brother, the king, goes beyond sibling rivalry — her candidacy is a serious rupture of the country's official division between royalty and politicians. 

Norway tunnel
The fjords on Norway's western coastline makes drives incredibly exquisite, and incredibly exhausting — so the country is building a 40-billion-dollar floating tunnel for impatient travellers. 

Part Three

Fish reflections
For scientists in Germany, the answer was "on a fish called the 'cleaner wrasse'". And that may just prove that the fish can recognize itself in its reflection — because it tried to wipe off the line they had drawn on. 

Stranger's funeral
A Toronto rabbi worried no one would show up to the funeral of an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor named Eddie Ford. So he posted an appeal online. And on a frigid winter day, hundreds of strangers showed up. 

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