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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Jan. 18, 2019
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Part One

Trump-cohen lies
Sources say U.S. President Donald Trump directed his lawyer to lie before Congress — and if that's true, our guest says, it's a crime, beyond the shadow of a doubt. 

Taxi debit scam
Toronto Police crack down on a scam in which a some taxi drivers allegedly made millions — by pulling some sleight-of-hand involving passengers' debit cards. 

Supermac's vs. McDonald's
McDonald's takes on an Irish burger chain, claiming trademark infringement — but after "Supermac's" wins, congratulations are in every order. 

Part Two

Detained Canadians in China
For weeks, Canada has been publicly fighting for the release of three men who've been detained in China — but our guest has been fighting to get her husband released for 13 years. 

Biohazard ice
It probably do. Because if you think the stuff the Zamboni dumps outside your arena is clean, our guest will explain why you're wrong — at length, and ad nauseam. 

Part Three

Matthew Hedges
Matthew Hedges spent 6 months in solitary after he was convicted of spying in the UAE. Now, he says his captors should be held to account — and that Canada is setting a good example. 

Moose statue
Three years ago, Norway snatched away the title of "tallest moose statue in the world", from the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Now, Moose Jaw has plans to take back that not-especially coveted crown.

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