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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Jan. 11, 2019
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Part One

Rahaf al-Qunun: former ambassador
After her story went around the world, Saudi exile Rahaf al-Qunun is coming to Canada — but our former ambassador to Saudi Arabia warns the feds that political showboating could make things worse for her.

Border sheriff
The U.S. President's plan is ill-defined. But it's not that an Arizona sheriff doesn't believe a border barrier is needed — he just thinks everyone misunderstands what Mr. Trump means by "wall".

Cyclist stripped of medal
A 90 year-old cyclist is stripped of a medal after testing positive for doping — but the likely culprit is the organ meat he ate before the race. 
Part Two

Myanmar Reuters journalists
After a judge in Myanmar denies their appeal, there is scant hope left for two Reuters journalists imprisoned after exposing a massacre. 

Easter Island study
Scientists have a convincing new theory about why the giant, extremely heavy stone busts on Easter Island were put where they are: to show thirsty residents where there were sources of fresh water. 

Part Three

Puerto Rican rapper killed
Yesterday, rapper Kevin Fret became the 22nd person murdered in Puerto Rico since the year began — and his fans in the LGBTQ community are mourning a fearless artist and advocate.

Encore: Ellen Gabriel on Oka Crisis
This week's standoff in BC got us thinking about the Oka crisis in 1990. So tonight, we'll revisit Carol's feature interview with Ellen Gabriel, the face of the frontline that summer — who reflects on that past impasse, and what may be to come. 

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