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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Dec. 14, 2018
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Episode transcript

Part One

China: John Manley
After arresting a Chinese executive on behalf of the U.S., Canada wants to downgrade a feud with China — but former Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley says the government could have avoided the problem altogether.

Basement remains
As a kid, he was told his dad had walked out and never come back. Now, a New York Man has found the remains of his father in his basement —  where they've been buried since 1961. 

Tunnel tree
One man is so upset that a Christmas tree sits in front of the "N" in the "Holland Tunnel" sign that he's demanding the holiday display be changed —  and hark, the Holland anger stings. 

Part Two

3D skull
Doctors in Montreal complete long, difficult surgery on a two-year-old whose skull was dangerously swollen.

Northern Ireland documentary 
Two journalists who worked on a documentary about police collusion in a massacre in Northern Ireland are arrested —  and they say it's a warning to other reporters not to investigate the past.

Encore: Mr. T
I feel compassion for the poor soul who misses this interview. Or, as the celebrity we got on the phone during the Winter Olympics to talk about his love of curling might put it, "I pity the fool." 

Part Three

China: International Crisis Group
A colleague of detained Canadian Michael Kovrig says he's relieved Canada's ambassador has been allowed to visit. But he and his colleagues won't stop working until China sets Mr. Kovrig free.

Reading: To Everything There is a Season
Our annual airing of Alistair MacLeod's Christmas story "To Everything There Is A Season". In which a young boy anxiously awaits his older brother's return home —  and develops a new understanding of what, exactly, the holiday can mean. 

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