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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Dec. 7, 2018
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Part One

British Columbia Rape Case
Four decades after inmates raped a boy on a "Scared Straight" tour of a B.C. prison, he's awarded 175,000 dollars — but he says the money can't touch the trauma he suffered. 

Aquarius Ending Operation
The search-and-rescue ship Aquarius has saved the lives of countless migrants facing death in the Mediterranean — but as of today, because of pressure from European governments, it's docked. 

Eel Seals
An expert shares her theories on why several monk seals in Hawaii have wound up with eels up their nostrils — for whom it may just be a rite of passage. 

Part Two

Nova Scotia Call Centre
Six hundred call centre workers in Cape Breton are abruptly fired — leaving them shattered and heartbroken, and unsure how they'll pay the holiday bills. 

Wisdom the Albatross
A story with many facets -- but just one layer. The epic tale of a 68-year-old albatross named "Wisdom" — who has just laid at least her 37th egg. 

Part Three

Encore: WWII Yiddish Songs
An encore presentation of our interview with a Toronto professor who found the lyrics to long-lost Second World War songs by Soviet Jews — and helped turn them into a Grammy-nominated album. 

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