As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Nov. 30, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

CUSMA (Canada/U.S./Mexico Agreement): mayor
Today's signing of the new North American trade deal was a gift for U.S. President Trump — but thanks to his tariffs, Ontario steelworkers have learned they'll be getting layoffs for Christmas. 

Anchorage earthquake
A resident of Anchorage, Alaska says today's powerful earthquake was the worst she's felt — and the aftershocks have kept her on edge all day. 

Northern Haze new album
Arctic metal band Northern Haze releases a second album — 33 years after its debut took the north by storm.

Part Two

Honduran activist verdict
Seven men are convicted of murdering a Honduran activist — but to her family, the verdict only scratches the surface. 

Marriott breach
The world's largest hotel chain announces it fell victim to one of the world's largest data breaches — and up to half a billion people may be affected. 

Part Three

Canada Supreme Court: Vice decision
Protecting sources is important. Prosecuting crimes is more important. That's the decision of the Supreme Court — which ruled today that a reporter from Vice Magazine has to hand over his notes to police. A ruling some advocates say could endanger journalists' relationships with sources. 

Wasp spider drone
A newly-discovered species of wasp uses its tiny gross offspring to control a spider's mind, and then eats its body — without so much as a "thanks for the wasp-itality."