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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Nov. 23, 2018
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Part One

Alberta oil
With oil prices tanking in Alberta, I'll speak with the CEO of MEG Energy — who says his own industry could increase returns by reducing production. 

Raed Fares obit
Raed Fares spoke to "As It Happens", and to his fellow Syrians, about his opposition to the Assad regime. We remember the activist and radio host — who was killed in a drive-by shooting today. 

Lego study
Science determines how long it takes the head of a Lego person to travel through the human body — and our guest tells us about sending that toy on a not-so-fantastic voyage through his own gut. 

Part Two

Scotland 'not proven'
In Scotland, criminal cases can end with a verdict of "not proven" — and now, there are calls to scrap that third option, for sexual assault cases in particular. 

Al Capone turkey
In the movies, the hero sometimes develops a grudging respect for his lawless nemesis. And that's how one Rhode Island mayor has come to feel about an ornery, violent wild turkey. 

Part Three

B.C. legislature
Secret allegations, perp walks, charges of nepotism: not exactly a typical week at the BC legislature. And one former MLA says it's not exactly a good look for democracy.

Tree farm donations
After thirty years of running a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm, an Ontario man wants to donate his land to the town of Napanee — so it can be a park. 

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