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As It Happens Friday Edition

As It Happens Friday Edition

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Part One

California Fire
Ellen VandenBerg was among tens of thousands of northern California residents forced to flee their homes -- tonight, she tells of being locked in traffic with her infant son, as the flames drew perilously close.

Tony Clement Update
Now that Tony Clement is out of the Tory caucus after admitting inappropriate behaviour, a longtime strategist reveals that the formerly-Conservative MP crossed a line with her three years ago.

Dumpster Art
One man's trash is also his treasure. After paying a homeless man twenty bucks for art he found in a dumpster, an antique shop owner learns its true value -- and determines to balance the scales.

Part Two

Goat Regiment
Before marking their regiment's role in the First World War, pipers with Montreal's Black Watch first head to a farm in Belgium -- to collect the modern successor to their wartime mascot: a battle-hardened nanny goat.

Keystone Injunction
A Montana judge halts work on the US section of the Keystone XL -- but one of the Indigenous litigants says the real fight is still to come.

Part Three

Fly Jamaica Passenger
On a wing and a prayer. Invor Bedessee was one of dozens of Canadians aboard a Fly Jamaica flight that crashed in Guyana today -- and while everyone aboard survived and most escaped injury, it was a white-knuckle ride that none will soon forget.

B.C. Rescue 
He arrived to install a microwave, and wound up saving a life. On a routine service call to a customer's home, a B.C. appliance technician goes beyond the call of duty when he senses something is wrong.

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