As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, Sept. 21, 2018
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Part One

'Unfounded' assault sentence
He first raped her when she was 12 years old — and now, almost two decades after police dismissed her allegations, our guest will finally see the man who nearly ruined her life go to prison. 

Assisted death follow-up
After we spoke with a woman who was worried she'd lose her approval for medically assisted death if she lost her capacity to consent, we had questions about Canada's laws — and tonight, we'll get some answers. 

Laziness study
A new study suggests our brains are responsible for our bodies being lazy — because it takes more energy to even think about being active. 

Part Two

Maxime Bernier
Now that he's left the Conservatives to start the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier sits down with Carol to explain what he means by "extreme multiculturalism". 

Part Three

Brexit: latest
After European Union leaders declare that the British prime minister's Brexit plan simply won't work, a frustrated Theresa May demands the U.K. be treated with greater respect. 

Mass bird deaths
Kevin Beech was driving under a clear sky. The next, it was raining birds around his car. Mr. Beech recalls that day in B.C., when he was suddenly surrounded by plummeting starlings.

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