As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, Aug. 10, 2018

Part One

New Brunswick Shooting: Witness/Premier
The city of Fredericton, New Brunswick is in grief and disbelief, after an early-morning shooting leaves four people dead — two of them local police officers. Brett Gibbons lives next-door to the site of today's shooting — and he'll tell us how he peered through a crack in his door to see the last thing he expected first thing in the morning. 

Grizzly Bear Tags Photographer
They won't be nude models — but his subjects will be bear. Our guest won the lottery to take part in next month's grizzly bear hunt in Wyoming — but instead of a trophy, all he plans to take are photographs. 

Part Two

New Brunswick Shooting: Police
The President of the Canadian Police Association pays tribute to the officers killed today — a terrible reminder of how the job can turn dangerous, or deadly, without warning. 

Emmett Till Sign
Sixty years after Emmett Till was brutally killed, a sign marking the spot where his body was found is being subjected to violence. Our guest tells us about the ongoing vandalism. 

Ottawa Town Crier 
You may not know his name, but his hand rings a bell. But his other hand is empty right now, and an Ontario town crier is asking for help finding the deeply significant "talking stick" someone stole from him. 

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