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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, July 20, 2018

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Part One

Duck Boat Crash
Seventeen people are dead in Missouri after water swamps their tourist boat.  A lawyer says their deaths are far from the first because of a dangerous flaw in the amfibious watercraft. 

Amazon Lone Tribesman
He is the sole surviving member of his Amazon tribe and appears to be doing fine which, one activist argues, makes the case for Indigenous rights.

Van Gogh House
A Florida woman celebrates after her community OKs the giant mural of Van Gough's 'Starry Night' that they'd painted across their house to help their autistic son to find his way.

Part Two

Russia Interpreter
US Democrats fight to force Donald Trump's interpreter to disclose the details of his conversation with Russia's president but we hear from a translator who says they simply don't understand. 

Fish Oil Review 
A review of the scientific evidence that fish oil helps our hearts has one UK nutritionist suggesting that there's no proof those nasty little pills are good for our tickers.

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