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Panic ensues as British couple's wedding coincides with England vs. Sweden World Cup match

Hayley Cullum and James Adams say they had to erect a TV at their wedding venue after their guests threatened to leave the ceremony to watch the big game.

Hayley Cullum and James Adams decided to erect a TV at the venue to keep guests from leaving

Norwich couple Hayley Cullum and James Adams are tying the knot on July 7 — the same day as the World Cup quarterfinals match between England and Sweden. (Submitted by Hayley Cullum and James Adams)

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Hayley Cullum and James Adams say they may have to cut their wedding vows short on Saturday.

Otherwise, they'll lose guests and possibly even members of their wedding party to the World Cup quarter-final match between England and Sweden.

It's the first time in over a decade that England has advanced through round 16 of the World Cup. When the couple realized the big game would coincide with their nuptials, everything started to unravel.

"All the men started moaning and worrying and panicking that they're gonna miss the big match," Callum told As It Happens guest host Robyn Bresnahan.

"Some of them were saying they were just going to leave and go up to the hotel room and watch it. Like, they cannot miss it. It's, like, seriously important for them."

Team England's win against Colombia on Tuesday means they're playing the World Cup quarter-final on Saturday. (John Sibley/Reuters)

They're not the only couple in this conundrum. The Church of England even went so far as to issue a plea with wedding guests not to check their phones during Saturday ceremonies.

"I'd strongly encourage you to make sure you are fully on-side with the happy couple and switch off your mobile phone in advance," Rev. Sandra Millar, the Church's head of life events, told the Telegraph.

But Cullum was resolved not to let the big game ruin her big day, so she called their wedding venue in Norwich and had them install a huge screen in the reception area.

The wedding ceremony starts at 2 p.m. local time. The game kicks off at 3 p.m. 

"Hopefully, it will finish just in time for the football to come on and then the big screen will go up and that's where everyone will be going," Callum said.

"We should be having our photos then, so it's going to be hit or miss on who I can get for a photo."

Asked whether he's more nervous about the game or the wedding, Adams laughed.

"Not the game," he said. "That'll be alright. We'll win."

He said he's not worried about being upstaged on their big day either. 

"It's all worked out well, really, innit?" he said. 

But Callum said she will not let the match steal all her attention. 

"If I have to run in front of the screen, then I'll have to do it," she said.

Written by Sheena Goodyear. Produced by Alison Broverman.


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