As It Happens

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, June 8,2018

Part One

Libya Slaves Latest
The United Nations hits six human traffickers in Libya with unprecedented sanctions — thanks to a CNN reporter who went undercover at a slave auction. 

Anthony Bourdain Obit
He believed you are what, where, and how you eat. The late Anthony Bourdain expanded the palates, and the hearts, of everyone who read or watched him — and tonight, an old friend says goodbye to a generous soul. 

Sexist Beer
A South African beer company promotes its new products with a depressingly sexist ad campaign — and our guest is among those demanding it put the "end" in "innuendo". 

Part Two

Ontario Election: Christine Elliott
With a battle cry of lower taxes for the middle class and businesses, Doug Ford led Ontario's PC Party to a resounding victory last night — and cabinet hopeful Christine Elliott tells us she's eager to get to work. 

Dishonorable Discharge
Authorities ignored his reports of sexual assaults, and issued him an "other than honourable discharge" — but decades later, the U.S. Navy has finally accepted our guest's story. 

Part Three

Ontario Election: Green Party
For the first time, Ontario's Green Party will have a seat at Queen's Park — party leader Mike Schreiner. We'll gather his entire caucus — that is, Schreiner himself — to talk about what he's hoping to accomplish. 

No one likes stepping on gum — but how about stepping in it? Eh? Okay, that still sounds awful. But wait until you hear about the Gumshoe — a pair of sneakers made from recycled gum! Then you might feel different about it! 

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