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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, Feb. 9, 2018
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Episode transcript

Part One

Sean Moore
A different inside story. Sean Moore is back home in Canada after spending several weeks in the hands of a Syrian Al Qaeda cell — and unlike his travelling companion, who we spoke with last night, Moore tells us he was tortured. 

Alberta Boycotter
As long as BC continues to stall an oil pipeline, Lew Galbraith doesn't want so much as a cup of sugar from his neighbours — and he's urging other Albertans to join his universal boycott. 

Bitcoin Puzzle
Our guest was behind a puzzling painting that bridged art and crypto-commerce — and after almost three years, someone's cracked its code, and earned thousands in Bitcoin.  

Part Two

Rohingya Mass Grave
Since December, two Reuters journalists have been in jail in Myanmar — and now, their colleagues have published the story about a horrendous massacre they believe got them locked up. 

Korean War Letters
After finding an old letter in a 1939 Buick he'd bought, a B.C. man tracks down its original recipient — and tonight, the two men speak to each other for the first time, on the radio. 

Part Three

Nova Scotia Fisherman Death
When his fishing boat ran aground off the coast of Nova Scotia, the captain refused to leave it. Days later, his body has been recovered — and our guest wonders why he insisted on staying when his crew was rescued. 

Edmonton Garbage Artist
An Edmonton artist and photographer is excited to get her hands dirty as the first-ever artist-in-residence at the city's waste management centre. 

As It Happens was produced this week by:

Jeanne Armstrong
Imogen Birchard
Chris Harbord
Katie Geleff
Sarah Jackson
Sheena Goodyear
Ashly July
Samantha Lui
Laura Carlin
Mary Newman
Kevin Robertson
Kate Swoger

and Julian Uzielli.

Our technician is Reynold Gonsalves. The show director this week is John McGill. Chris Howden is our writer.  And our intern is Noushin Ziafati.

John Perry is the Senior Producer. And the Executive Producer of As It Happens is Robin Smythe.

We'd also like to thank some other people who helped us out this week: 

Mary-Catherine McIntosh in Halifax
Laurene Jardin, Susan McKenzie and Steve Rukavina in Montreal
Kristin Nelson in Ottawa
Keith Hart at Radio Archives in Toronto and Luke Williams — also in Toronto
Suzanne Dufresne and Katie Nicholson in Winnipeg
Michael O'Halloran in Calgary
Anne Penman, Stephen Quinn and Lee Rosevere in Vancouver
and Mark Hadlari in Yellowknife. 

As It Happens will be back again on Monday. Good night, and good weekend.