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Patriots fan accused of jinxing Super Bowl with premature victory tattoo

A hardcore New England Patriots fan got a tattoo to celebrate the team's sixth Super Bowl victory — one week before the big game.
Fans accused Eddy Ferrini of jinxing the big game after he posted this picture on Instagram. (Eddy Ferrini/Instagram)

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A hardcore New England Patriots fan got a tattoo to celebrate the team's sixth Super Bowl victory — one week before the big game.

Northeastern University student Eddy Ferrini unveiled his new back tattoo on Instagram last week.

It shows six Roman numerals representing the five Super Bowls his favourite team has won so far — and one for the victory he hopes they'll secure over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

"I was a bit on the early side," Ferrini admitted to As It Happens guest host Helen Mann.

Ferrini said it was his friend's idea to add the sixth number.

"I was getting a little nervous when I went in, but he triple-dog dared me," he said. "So really, we were at the point of no return."

'I don't believe in any of that'

The backlash online from his fellow Patriots fans was swift and harsh.

"It's your fault if we lose," reads one of the milder comments.

"I had someone tell me they're going to burn my house down if they lose," Ferrini said.

Eddy Ferrini sports another tattoo honouring Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. (Eddy Ferrini/Instagram)

Despite fans' insistence that he jinxed his favourite team, Ferrini's not worried.

He's confident the Patriots can pull off a win with star quarterback Tom Brady on their side — and he cashed in his mutual funds to buy the tickets and airfare to see it live.

"I was actually kind of taken aback by the amount of people on the internet who believe in jinxes," he said.

"If you asked me in second grade, I might have some superstitions too. But I'm not in second grade any more so I don't believe in any of that."

But he still has a backup plan, just in case.

"If they don't win, I have confidence they'll win next year, so I'll just tack on another I for Roman numeral LIII," he said.  "I've got two shots at this."


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