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Friday, Dec. 5, 2018
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Part One

Lynn Beyak Fallout
Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer boots Senator Lynn Beyak from caucus, saying "racism will not be tolerated" — but our guest says he emailed the party about the racist letters on Beyak's site months ago. 

Dolphin Rescue
During the so-called "winter bomb" in Atlantic Canada, a dolphin is stranded on Cape Sable Island — and our guest was one of those who braved the weather to save its life. 

Frozen Iguanas
Zoo Miami wants everyone to know that a cold snap is causing frozen iguanas to fall out of trees — but if you touch them, things could heat up fast.  

Part Two

Motel 6
Washington State's Attorney General says Motel 6 violated guests' rights by volunteering their personal information to U.S. immigration agents — so he's taking the chain to court. 

Dog Stolen By Eagle
For a while this week, the fate of a Bichon Frise was up in the air — but tonight, she's back on solid ground, after an eagle flew off with her. 

Part Three

Encore: As It Happened Archive Edition: Home
We make ourselves at home in the As It Happens archives — but instead of relaxing, we scour the cupboards and closets for stories on the subject of "home".

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