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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, September 1, 2017

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Part One

Berkeley mayor
The mayor of Berkeley, California used to protest as part of the university town's proud commitment to free speech. Tonight he tells us why he wants to ban Free Speech Week.

Harvey return
We hear from a Houston resident who has just visited her waterlogged house to find that her home is a write-off. 

Return bong guy 
An Ontario man tells us why he's been standing in front of a court house with nothing but bright green briefs and a sign demanding the police return his bong. 

Part Two

Kenya election
Kenya's high court cites irregularities as it throws out the results of last month's Presidential election. The court wants a new vote to be held within 60 days.  

Hepatitis A San Diego
San Diego has been struck by the United States' deadliest Hepatitis-A outbreak in years and one advocate says the city's hard stance on housing is partly to blame

New cancer drug
Novartis releases a promising new cancer drug, but one activist questions who will be able to pay the nearly half a million dollar price for a single treatment.

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