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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, July 21, 2017

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Part 1

Thunder Bay Latest

Just two months after charges were laid against the city's police chief, the city's mayor is now facing charges of his own -- and those crises at the top are a crisis for the community. 

David Perlman Retires

He's done offbeat stories, but he's always been on the beat. Now, David Perlman, the 98-year-old science editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, is retiring -- after 77 years -- and sharing the stories of the stories he shared. 

First Aid Trainer 

He's used to students pumping him for information. But this time, they just had to pump him. How a first-aid teacher diagnosed his own heart attack in front of a class -- and gave them the guidance to save his life. 

Part 2 

Montreal Stowaways 

What he heard seemed strange. What they heard may have saved their lives. A Montreal longshoreman stumbles across four desperate stowaways locked in a shipping container.

Best of Spicer Montage 

Sean rise, Sean set. He frequently had trouble getting his talking points out around the foot in his mouth -- so it's not really surprising that White House spokesperson Sean Spicer has announced he'll be taking a permanent covfefe break from the job.

Gacy Victim ID

They knew he'd left them. Now they know he was taken from them too. Forty years after a Minnesota teenager ran away from home, his family learns that he was murdered by serial killer John Wayne Gacy.