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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, June 2, 2017

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Part One

Paris Climate: Mayor
Business leaders, universities, and local officials across the U.S. — including our guest, the mayor of Salt Lake City — have a message for the world: we'll do everything we can to reduce emissions, regardless of our President. 

Counterfeit duck
Bright yellow journalism. We just wanted to tell the story of the controversy over the giant rubber duck that's coming to Canada for the 150th — but instead of a brief intro-duck-tion, we stumbled into a big pro-duck-tion. 

Scholastic book
The popular game "Minecraft" has spawned all kinds of books — and in one of them, a parent is shocked to find a racist dismissal of a character's name mined for humour. 

Part Two

Australia passport
The Australian government introduces a plan to fight child sex tourism by revoking sex offenders' passports — and the senator who proposed the idea explains the plan. 

Uganda activist 
Stella Nyanzi's pointed criticism of the president of Uganda on Facebook has the popular activist facing possible jail time — and a forced psychiatric evaluation. 

Part Three

Toronto safe injection sites
Safer — but still too many reasons to be sorry. Toronto frontline harm reduction worker Zoë Dodd celebrates as Ottawa OKs the city's first 3 safe injection sites — but says there's a lot more work to do. 

China winery
Amy Chang's parents, Canadian winery owners John Chang and Allison Lu, are on trial in China, accused of smuggling. She wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to intervene.

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