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As It Happens: Friday edition

Friday, May 12, 2017

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Part One

NHS cyber attack
In the U.K., hackers take control of thousands of National Health Service computers, demanding a ransom — as part of a cyber-attack that has hit dozens of countries. 

Hit and run
First Hugh David stopped to help one driver. Then another struck and killed him, and fled. Then the first driver took off too. Now, charges have finally been laid — but his friend tells us he's far from satisfied. 

Autograph law
A California bookseller fears his state's strict new rules about autographs will interfere with book signings and business — so he's throwing the book at them, by suing for a repeal. 

Part Two

Saskatchewan ambulance
Rather than risk a long wait for an ambulance, a former nurse in northern Saskatchewan drives her husband to the hospital — and now she's calling for better emergency health services for her community. 

Rare plants destroyed
A French museum sends irreplaceable 18th-century plant samples to Australia — which were then incinerated by biosecurity officials there.

Part Three

Rancher's land return
An 86-year-old rancher turns over 300 acres of property he's worked his whole life to a BC First Nation. And Chief Charlene Belleau says that gesture goes a long way toward making the idea of reconciliation a reality. 

Hong Kong bookseller
Two years ago, Lam Wing Kee was one of five booksellers who mysteriously went missing from Hong Kong. He shares what he experienced during his detention in China — and why he's now fighting for free speech.