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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, April 21, 2017

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Assisted dying

Fighting for his life, and for his death. No one knew Adam Maier-Clayton's fight for assisted dying better than his own father, Graham Clayton -- and tonight, Mr. Clayton tells us about the grief that has followed his son's suicide. 

French elections

Plus ça change, plus ce n'est pas la même chose. An attack in Paris alters the campaign landscape in France yet again -- and with the election this Sunday, it's still an unpredictable four-way race. 

Unicorn latte

On the dilemma of a horn. I mean the one that protrudes from the forehead of the noble unicorn, which inspired Starbucks' latest frappa-trocity -- months after a Toronto cupcake shop introduced its own kaleidoscopic coffee confection.


Russian violinist 

Coming out of the biggest closet in the world. By revealing that he's gay, a Russian violinist tries to give some hope to kids struggling with their sexuality in his homophobic home country. 

Arkansas execution

Jumping to his conclusion. Arkansas executes its first prisoner in more than a decade -- and the lawyer for the late Ledell Lee says his client could have been proven innocent, if the state had allowed DNA testing. 


Intertwined elk 

 He says it was like a scene from the movies. Last month, oilfield worker Darcy Parlee spotted two elk on a field. He walked toward them to get a closer look. And that's when he saw that their antlers were stuck together. 

Migrant rescue 

Spring has begun. And so has what's called "sailing season". That means more and more migrants are heading out into the Mediterannean, hoping to reach Europe. Last weekend, more than eight thousand people were in distress, stranded in the waters between Libya and Italy.