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As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, March 31, 2017

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Part One

Halifax human trafficking
A Nova Scotia man receives seven years for forcing a fourteen-year-old girl into prostitution, marking the first ever human-trafficking conviction in the province.

Ottawa wristbands
After Ottawa police officers sport wristbands in support of a colleague charged with manslaughter, a former firefighter launches a counter-campaign acknowledging the alleged victim.

William Powell obit
As an angry youth, the late William Powell celebrated the release of his Anarchist Cookbook — but he came to regret it after fearing it was used to carry out some of America's most violent attacks.

Part Two

Tractor hacking update
Canadian Farmers resorting to hacked software to fix their so-called "smart tractors" may have an ally in an American association that's fighting for the "right to repair".

Georgetown slavery
Earlene Campbell-Coleman got a phone call, then an email and a photo — the first she'd ever seen of her great-great-great grandfather, one of several slaves sold by Georgetown University to pay its debts.

Part Three

Best of As It Happens: April Fool's
Due to April 1st falling on a weekend this year, we can't in good faith air a spoof story before it's time — so instead we'll take a look back at some highlight hoaxes from April Fool's Past.

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